FDA Regulations

On August 8, 2016 new FDA regulations took effect for selling vapor products.  Among others, one regulation is that you must be of legal age in your state for Heavenly Blue Vapor to sell to you and age verification is required.  The only way we as an online vape shop can adhere to this regulation at this time is to have shipping include an adult signature required upon delivery.  See our shipping page for details.

In addition there are some states that have regulations beyond this requirement such as verifying photo ID, etc.  If your state is listed below under “Other State Requirements” and indicates that a photo ID is required please do so below before placing your order.  If we receive an order from a state that requires photo ID and yours has not been submitted, we will direct you to this page for you to submit your photo ID before we ship out your order.

Other State Requirements

California – Requires we verify age by submission of a photo ID.
Illinois – Requires we verify age by submission of a photo ID.
Indiana – Requires online retailers/manufactures of e-liquid to have a permit from the state of Indiana to sell to Indiana residents, so we cannot sell e liquid to any Indiana residents.
Massachusetts – Requires we verify age by submission of a photo ID.
New Jersey – We can only sell tobacco and menthol flavored e liquid.
North Carolina – Requires we verify age by submission of a photo ID.
North Dakota – Requires we verify age by submission of a photo ID.
Pennsylvania – Customer is responsible for paying 40% tax to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.
South Carolina – Requires we verify age by submission of a photo ID.
Utah – Does not allow any vapor products to be imported into the state.  We cannot sell vapor products to any Utah residents.
Virginia – Requires we verify age by submission of a photo ID.
Washington – Requires we verify age by submission of a photo ID AND submission of Age Verification Certificate.

If you reside in any of the states above that require a photo ID for internet sales, you will have to submit two pictures before your order can go out.  One picture must be of you physically holding your ID and one of just a close up of your ID.  You will only have to submit your photo ID once, any orders after that you will not be required to submit photo ID.  Your ID’s address must match your shipping address.  If we do not receive your photos within 24 hours of time the order was received we will have to void or cancel your order and if applicable a return will be applied to the credit/debit card that was used.  Submit photos here:

State Age Requirements to Purchase Vape Products

It is the customer’s responsibility to verify their state laws before purchasing our vapor products as laws can change.  Some states have certain cities and/or counties with different age requirements.  Heavenly Blue Vapor acknowledges the highest legal vaping age.

Alabama – 19
Alaska – 19
Arizona – 21
Arkansas – 18
California – 21
Colorado – 18
Connecticut – 18
Delaware – 18
Florida – 18
Georgia – 18
Hawaii – 21
Idaho – 18
Illinois – 21
Indiana – 18
Iowa – 18
Kansas – 21
Kentucky – 18
Louisiana – 18
Maine – 21
Maryland – 18
Massachusetts – 18
Michigan – 18
Minnesota – 18
Mississippi – 18
Missouri – 18
Montana – 18
Nebraska – 18
Nevada – 18
New Hampshire – 18
New Jersey – 19
New Mexico – 18
New York – 18
North Carolina – 18
North Dakota – 18
Ohio – 18
Oklahoma – 18
Oregon – 18
Pennsylvania – 18
Rhode Island – 18
South Carolina – 18
South Dakota – 18
Tennessee – 18
Texas – 18
Utah – 19
Vermont – 18
Virginia – 18
Washington – 18
West Virginia – 18
Wisconsin – 18
Wyoming – 18


We are so sorry for these inconveniences but in order for us to stay in business we must implement these new requirements. Below are some links that can help you stay informed and support the war on vaping.  If this is an important issue for you and you don’t like what your state has done regarding vapor laws, we suggest calling and/or writing your senators and congress people to express your concerns and also remember them at voting time!

A list of states and their regulations

Help stop the war on vaping