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eVod Twist II 1600 mAh

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The eVod Twist II 1600 mAh is a very good looking variable voltage battery.  It has a sturdy easy to read rotating dial at the bottom that allows you to adjust your voltage from 3.5v to 5.0v with markings at 0.1 increments to fine tune your voltage even more.  The higher you adjust the voltage the more the vapor.

The eVod Twist II has a sleek design with the stainless steel button flush with the body and a textured feel towards the top.  The bottom base and top hardware is a chromed brass.

eVod Twist II 1600 Battery Specs

Variable voltage:  3.5v-5.0v
Battery capacity:  1600 mAh
Battery life per charge:  16 or more hours
Charge time:  3-4 hours (for fully drained battery)
Length:  4 7/8 in.
Diameter:  16.5mm

Functions of the Battery

5-Click Lock/Unlock Function – Click the button rapidly 5 times in a row to turn the battery on or off.  Power button will flash 3 times.  Press again, if power button does not light up it is turned off.  If power button lights up it is on.  Turning off the battery when not in use will prevent unintentional use in pockets, etc.

Safety Cutoff/Atomizer Protection – When the battery is on, if the power button is pressed continuously for more than 12 seconds the power button flashes 5 times and then powers off.  Release the power button and then press again to continue vaping.

Short Circuit Protection – If a short circuit happens, the battery will shut down and not function again until short circuit is removed (e.g., bad atomizer attached).

Low voltage protection – when voltage goes below 3.2v the battery will shut off and when you push the power button it will flash 15 times to indicate it needs to be charged.

Tips and Recommendations

We sell both 420mA and 800mA eGo USB chargers. Both will work fine with this battery. The 800mA USB charger will have a faster charger time.

When the battery is fully charged the USB light turns green, please remove from charger, this will extend the life of the battery.


1 review for eVod Twist II 1600 mAh

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    arcpass (verified owner)

    I bought the eVod Twist II 1600 mAh on July 22nd and was very pleased with it until it came apart on me 3 weeks later. I had inserted a cartridge and it wouldn’t draw. When I unscrewed the cartridge, the coil on the battery came apart and broke off, rendering the battery unusable. One month later, I bought another one and this one is still working fine. I don’t know if it was the battery that went bad or if the cartridge was bad. If it happens again, I will not purchase this brand again.

    • hbvadmin

      Hello Terry,
      We do have a 30 day warranty on our batteries. If you would have let us know we would have either gave you a refund or sent out a replacement. We hope your new battery is working great, please let us know if you have any problems within the 30 day warranty and we will be happy to assist.

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