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Vision Spinner 1300 mAh

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The Vision Spinner 1300 mAh is a high quality battery with the Vision logo marked on the bottom of the base. The Vision Spinner allows you to adjust voltage output from 3.3v up to 4.8v by spinning a dial at the bottom. The spinner has markings to indicate approximate output voltages at 3.3, 3.8, 4.3, and 4.8 volts with options for .1 increments in between each marked number. Simply turn the dial to your desired vaping voltage. The dial is easy to read with a red mark to indicate what voltage you are at.

This feature helps you to find the perfect setting to use with various coil head resistances and e liquid types to get that perfect vape.

Battery Specs

– Working voltage: variable 3.3v-4.8v
– Battery capacity: 1300mAh
– Battery life per charge: 13 hours or more
– Charge time: 3-4 hours (for fully drained battery)
– Length: 4 3/16 in.
– Diameter: 16mm

Battery Functions

5-click on/off function helps prevent unintentional use. Click the button rapidly 5 times in a row to turn the battery on or off.

Short Circuit Protection: If a short circuit happens, the battery will shut down and not function again until short circuit is removed.

Safety Cutoff/Atomizer Protection: If you press the button for more than 15 seconds, the power button will flash 3 times and the battery will be locked until the next press.

Low Voltage Protection: When battery is fully charged its highest output can be 4.8v and as the battery drains, the voltage will decrease and shut off if reaches below 3.3v.

Tips and Recommendations

We suggest you to start at 3.3v and increase the voltage gradually until you find the right voltage for your tank and coil system and are happy with the vapor volume. If you get a burnt taste turn the voltage down and/or switch to a higher ohm atomizer.

Only move the red marking in between the 3.3v – 4.8v markings along the scale do not try to spin the dial counterclockwise past the 3.3v mark and likewise for moving clockwise past the 4.8v mark, it may damage the battery if it’s being pushed too forcefully

We sell both 420mA and 800mA eGo USB chargers. Both will work fine with this battery. The 800mA USB charger will have a faster charger time.

When the battery is fully charged the USB light turns green, please remove from charger, this will extend the life of the battery.


1 review for Vision Spinner 1300 mAh

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    ktodrive (verified owner)

    Hi, Heavenly Blue. Just wanted to say I have yet to deal with a better-run online vape company than yours!
    Your prices are competitive — which is huge. But you also sent along a fact sheet that explained everything about the battery. (Usually I’m just sent the product itself. It’s up to me to figure it out the best ways to use it.) Also, your customer service rep was very helpful when it came time to order coils for this unit. Knowledgable and responsive help! And the fact that you offer free
    shipping takes the cake! The other online vape companies I’ve dealt with are mostly just “phoning it in.” It’s obvious you guys are in this business “for real.” In retrospect, I wish the Vision Spinner 1300 had a bit more “oomph,” even when dialed up to the
    highest setting. But that’s not your fault. That’s why I gave this battery “4” instead of “5” stars.

    Many thanks!

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