Save Money with Heavenly Blue Vapor Products!

Below is how you will save money with Heavenly Blue Vapor products.  The cost savings from switching from traditional cigarettes to personal vaporizers is considerable.  We want you to be happy and healthy.  This cost savings example is based on savings for a month for a person that smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

carton of poison sticksOn average a carton of cigarettes is $50.  If you smoke a pack a day it would last 10 days.  Multiply $50 x 3 for the month.  That would be $150.00 per month.


aspire ce5 blue for costsExample of initial startup cost:  1 eGo C 1100mAh battery $10.00, 1 USB charger $3.00, 1 Aspire Ce5 BDC clearomizer $4.00, 1 pack of 5 extra coil heads $12.00, 1 30ml bottle of e liquid $10.00 for a total of $39 that would easily last for a month.

After that you would only have to purchase more coil heads and e liquid each month with a cost of $22.

That is a savings of $128 a month!

And batteries can last for up to a year!