About Heavenly Blue Vapor

We started Heavenly Blue Vapor because we used to be smokers and would always say “I wish they would come up with something that you could smoke and it would not be unhealthy”. In 2008 we found out about and tried our first vaping device and became very excited; they actually worked! No more shortness of breath, no more waking up coughing with sinus’ hurting, no more smelling like smoke, no more poisons! Oh yeah and the cost . . . depending on how much you smoke, switching to vaping products could save you hundreds of dollars a month. We haven’t looked back.

A lot has changed since 2008 e.g., we do not call our products “electronic cigarettes” anymore, this gives a false impression that there is combustion that creates smoke and you are inhaling poisons and exhaling this out to the people around you. That is not the case. Please read our FAQ page for more detail.

We are positive that using our vapor products, along with your desire to quit, will help you switch to the alternative healthier and more cost effective way of smoking (vaping) or quitting altogether.

We know the vaping industry is very competitive and confusing. Our goal to you, our customer, is to provide you with the best and latest vaping products on the market, provide you with information regarding the vaping industry and make buying our products easy and affordable, all with outstanding customer service.

We frequently read and research vaping products as well as take the time to talk with other personal vaporizer users to get the newest and best products online for you. We have picked the products that are most favored by vaporers and our own personal preference.

Thank you for visiting and if you are either trying to quit or want to continue to have that smoking pleasure without the harm by “vaping” please try our products. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.