Warranties and Returns

30 Day Warranty for Batteries and Chargers

Heavenly Blue Vapor will exchange batteries and chargers if they become defective within 30 days of receiving product. Before shipping out our batteries, we test each battery with a multi-meter to ensure no DOAs. Although please try your batteries and chargers as soon as you receive them to ensure they are not defective. We will not exchange the item outside of the 30 day warranty period.

If your item becomes defective within 30 days of purchase, simply notify us by phone, email or a return request form and let us know that you have a defective product. You will be asked to return the defective product before the replacement is shipped out. We will pay for return shipping up to the cost that we paid to ship to you.

Once we receive the product and it is determined that it is defective, you have the choice of either having a replacement sent to you at our expense or a full refund. If the item is no longer in stock you have a choice to receive a full refund or you may also choose to receive a store credit to use for another product or to use when the product comes back in stock, we are very flexible.

DOA Warranty for Tanks

All tanks come with a DOA warranty only. We do not check any tanks before shipping so we suggest that you check for DOAs as soon as you receive your order. Before you fill your new tank with e liquid, make sure the coil head is securely screwed in. If the tank does not work it more than likely is just the coil head. Try putting in a replacement coil head if you have one and if that is the case we will send you out a replacement coil head(s); no need to send a whole new tank.

In order for an exchange of a DOA product you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving it. We will not exchange products under the DOA warranty unless you notify us by phone, email or a return request form within that time frame.

No Warranty for E-Liquid

Due to the consumable nature of e liquid and the inability to reuse or resell once it has have left our facility, exchanges or store credit are not allowed.

Starter Kits

If there is a defective item in a starter kit you received, only the defective item will be exchanged and the above warranties still apply. You will not get an exchange for a whole starter kit. For example, only one battery is or becomes defective or tank is DOA. Only that specific defective item will be exchanged.

Warranty Disclaimer

Warranty coverage becomes invalid and Heavenly Blue Vapor cannot be held responsible or liable for any product failure, property damage, injury, or death that is the result of product misuse, modification, or abuse.

We will not replace any products with damage caused by heavy wear and tear, modification of our products, improper setup, or the use of our products with products purchased elsewhere as we are unable to guarantee compatibility with products purchased from another retailer. Please contact us with any questions that you may have regarding compatibility.